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At the end of any sporting event, you see the competitors demonstrate sportsmanship by shaking hands. However, I watched the coaches for Florida State University Seminole baseball team blatantly show a lack of sportsmanship when the team was eliminated from the College World Series.

I watched the players for both teams shake hands, at the same time the coaches for the winning team stood at home plate waiting to shake hands with there counterparts. Instead, the coaches for FSU chose to stay in the dugout and refused to extend that sportsmanship that was being displayed by there players.

Florida State Seminole Baseball team and their fans have no reason to hang there heads; this was a great season.
However, thanks to the lack of sportsmanship shown a slight tarnish has been put on the season. The last image you have is not of the humbleness of the FSU players and there hard work and dedication to get here, but of their coaches refusing to come out of the dugout. Is there disappointment and let down when you lose; of course, but that is never a reason to show a lack of graciousness in losing. Many teams and players wish they could have the same opportunity that FSU had this year, so for the coaches to leave that last impression all I can say how very disappointing.

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