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Taking a Holiday

The 4th of July holiday is six days away and our leaders in Washington decide to head out of town early, leaving behind unsolved issues mainly the rising gas prices and foreclosures which are hitting a all time high. Everyone deserves time off, but there are times when you have to make sacrifices and the crisis that we are in is one of those times. It is a sad day when our elected officials feel that it is more important to go on vacation than it is to stick around to come up with some type of solution for the ever growing problem. I guess they thought that giving everyone a stimulus check was the solution. Well it is not, Congress was hoping that people would spend that money to help the economy and not use it pay bills or put the money in the bank. It sure is hard to think about spending money on that big screen TV when you do not have a place to call home. We are the ones making sacrifices while Congress takes a holiday. Thanks for nothing, remember us when it is election time. Again Congress thanks for having your priorities straight, because we would not what you to be stressed out. Just leave that to us!!!!!

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